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I know timing is everything when you meet someone and I thought this time something was actually going to come of this.
One night I was out with a bunch of my friends (yes it was a bar) and I needed a night to let lose and not let anything bother me. I end up meeting a guy at the end of the night and we instantly clicked and held a conversation and one thing led to another and we were up against the bar making out; completely and totally all over eachother. I ended up staying at his place thinking it was only going to be a one night stand, but he took my number once I left his appt and instantly texted. He was not a big chatter box but I got him to be a bit flirty and confirm another night we could hang out. But otherwise mostly silence during the work week(he is a mechanic) then it turned into he was calling me the next weekend drunk and saying he missed me already and wanted me to come over at 4 a.m! crazy I know, i didnt meet him but instead we spent the whole next day together. We went off roading (since we have that stuff in common) got stuck in the woods. Ended up having decent conversation while we tried to get out and ended up going out & he treated me to dinner afterwards. He asked if I didn't mind hanging out and watching movies for the night but my friends we begging me to come hang out so I invited him along to where we met the weekend before and he chose to come even tho I insisted he didn't Have too.
But that night he met my close friends, he bought my drinks, was hanging out with me all night; kissing me all over, hugging me literally all over me acting like we were a legit couple( note* I never mentioned anything like that to him*) without hesitation I stayed over again and spent the next day lounging and watching movies, cuddling and getting to know eachother. He was very sweet very clingy and made sure there wasn't a moment he wasn't being passionate or close to me or just had to have me in his arms. It felt like this really could have been something!!
The work week comes around and he's silent again!! Not much communication at all. I'd ask how his day was and he wouldn't text me till 11 pm when i messaged him around lunch. I figured that was normal being a mechanic but that was literally every day. So the next week was thanksgiving week. I knew he wouldn't be interested in a crazy thanksgiving eve night but I asked what his plans were anyway and I didn't get a response. The next morning I suggested watching movies and drinking since we both didn't have work the next day(obviously) and he told me he was visiting family and they were having a small get together. I said okay have a good time, we should plan something this weekend enjoy you're night.
The next day(thanksgiving) I wished him a happy thanksgiving and I receive a text that said "im sorry we can't talk or hangout anymore. I had alot of fun and you're really nice but I have other things taking priority right now. I'm sorry"
What the hell does that mean!?!? All he ever talked about was how much he worked!! So i responded "yeah great timing, but what's going on? If you were having fun I'm not sure where this is coming from?"
And I have not heard from him in 2 weeks now. I thought he would have at least said I work too much or I only wanted sex....something!! But nope all I've got is continued silence.
Please share what you think could have happened...i don't have a clue!!

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  • Wow. I did like a mini version of this when I was 12.

    It is a shock right now. But eventually you will see that as far as a relationship concerned this sudden abandonment and lack of empathy is much more pertinent information than all the physical touching etc.

    You were wrong. People act this way when their parents treated them inconsistently, so they needed to become hard, and abandon people because they fear it happening to them.

    But this is irrelevant as he clearly isn't ready for anything.

    This is a lesson that except for a few rare occasions when you will KNOW, relationships tend to end as quickly as they start

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  • Jesus Christ!

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