North and south

Does it seem like to anyone else that southerners and northerners in the US are starting to dislike eachother again? Growing up I never heard of this being a thing although my grandfather talked about in his day they didnt like eachother. But now I'm starting to see it happen. Maybe its always been like that idk.

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  • damn yankees

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  • This is a Very big comment, so take a minute and get a cup of coffee or energy drink and get mentally prepped for this comment that I most definitely want multiple responses to.

    It's not about location anymore... mostly.

    I say it's mostly a political divide as the people who do share a political belief strongly enough want to move to places where others share the same belief others cant because of other factors.

    As far as I'm aware I think you can summarize the the actual divide not by political affiliation but rather the personal beliefs in how the goverment functions in relation to how you wish it to function.

    Currently there are two groups, those who support the goverment to such a degree that they are willing to treat the goverment as the ultimate authority in the direction of their (and other peoples) lives.

    The other group supports the individuals rights more than the collective directives the goverment tries to impose on others. Thus a person can make their own decisions and hold beliefs that are unpopular or even antithetical to the goverment they are currently under.

    If we go by this division both political parties are affected by goverment vs people divide. The left has traditionally supported the individual ability to make choices for themselves with the help of the goverment as well as large safety nets.

    The right on the other hand also supports the goverment but only in ways that indiviuals have little ability to change (outside conflicts, wars, trade negotiations, etc) while maintaining that people are free to be apart or seperated from the larger society as long as the majority and minority are allowed to do so peacefully.

    In this regard the stereotypical political divide is pointless. As republicans and democrats have been shown to work as the establishment. The media has it's clear biases depending on which channel you turn to and no news source is truely neutral, creating a even harsher divide as people can realistically live inside of a bubble of their own political side without even noticing.

    In how we might fix this problem, I implore everyone to start making their own conclusions about the objective reality of the situations that appear before us. As picking a side will only create enemies out of potential friends.

    Not to get super political in this already long comment but the perfect example of this divide is how people treat the Kyle Rittenhouse case. I watched every courtroom discussion and heard both the defense and prosecution and all I can surmise is that Kyle acted 100% in self defense. Yet I am dumbfounded by the amount of people that have taken positions that are completely factually wrong about the case. As well to imply bias on the judge because he has a god bless america ringtone. That is ridiculous as a bias judgement yet some people are taking this as a fact that kyle will be proclaimed as innocent because of political bias rather than the very clear evidence.

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    • Yeah idk how anyone could see the video and not just say yeah thats self defense. He gets kicked, hit with skateboard, and a gun stuck to his head. Had he not fired his rifle he would have been dead.

      I agree with everything you said and I also believe there's abit of a personality difference as well. Northerners usually talk faster and louder, sometimes interrupt people, and have a certain swagger about them that comes off as just being different from southerners, they are usually more in a rush, quite witty in a peculiar way and kinda different. Cant really explain it. Also throw in what you said about the liberal stereotype and you have yourself a conflict. But I had never noticed it being an issue until recently. Although i did have a friend in school from Connecticut who would often complain that teachers treated him harshly because of it.

      People at work will complain about the two bosses that are from the north and they often mention that they're assholes specifically because they're from the north lol.

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      • I live in the "north" but the midwest is hardly the north. The midwest is... the midwest. Where dreams can be forged or go to die.

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  • dont believe we would have this problem if the south would of won, remember it was not about slavery until Lincoln use it to free the slaves that would fight for the north. it was all about states rights and now we have big government and are paying for it

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  • My whole family is from new York. I don’t go out of my way to dislike people. But northerns are just rude. Lol. In the south, we smile and say hello to everyone.

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  • D’ya think? Is more like outright hatred, and it’s disgusting.

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