Normal to not mind or even kind of want gf who has acne?

Let me explain...

I’m in my mid twenties and I still have acne, I’d say it mostly fluctuates between 3/10 to 6.5/10 in severity. But to me it certainly is an insecurity of sorts. One that I’ve tried very hard to fight.

For this reason, I genuinely would not mind having a gf who also had acne, and in weird way I almost would maybe like to me, it would make me feel less abnormal and comfortable being close to her face. Weirdly, my last few GF’s over the years have all oddly enough had incredibly perfect skin, but it’s kind of intimidating in way... ya know? And it’s not like they didn’t have imperfections of their own..but Like I almost want my gf to have imperfections like me, or at least wouldn’t mind it.

It’s all very funny really, cause it’s like... there really are people who can find beauty in our imperfections, people feeling insecure about being to fat or too skinny and what not, when it’s like here I am.. a decent chap who would literally almost like the fact that you have pimples. Who knew? OR maybe I’m the exception and most people don’t feel this way?

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  • I can't speak for myself but I'd assume that this is normal or at least understandable

    it doesn't seem too diff than being intimidated by a partner who's very attractive when you're someone who feels that you're just average, similar concept

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  • I will say, my GF has acne and tried to hide it because some people have turned her down for it, but you know, I don’t really care, she is still a beautiful person inside and out and I couldn’t ask for a better person

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  • Sure, I always found acne a bit attractive especially clusters of it on the cheeks, it's cute like freckles or blush.

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  • Seek Accutane and your acne will go to a negative one out of ten even if you wash your face in grease three times a day and stop bathing. It just makes acne non-existent.

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  • Almost everyone gets pimples women just tends to be good at masking them with makeup so yeah that's normal it's just a skin imperfection that often can't be helped.

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  • I finally have relatively CV learning skin now, but I'm 51 years old! I have literally had to deal with acne breakouts in various degrees of severity from age eleven to well into my forties. My first ex-husband was a cutie pie, but he had redness and scarring from acne. He told me that at one point in his teens his acne was so bad that he took Accutane for a while, but that is a very strong medication that not only is very drying to one's skin, but it is also quite expensive as well.

    I think your feelings are probably quite normal, but don't let your acne rule your life too much. What are you doing to try to clear up your skin?

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  • I don’t know how to vote on this one. But I really only get the occasional pimple. And I like popping my manz’ pimples.

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