Normal to dream of young girls

usually dream of young girls and not sure why

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  • Whats wrong with dreaming about young girls?

    If they are very young, like 5 and are sliding down slides and chasing butterflies, then thats fine.

    If they are twins like in the movie The Shining, then thats scary but good

    If they are like 16 and older and you are having sexual dreams, then that is normal.

    If they are children of the corn and trying to kill you then that sounds like an awesome dream to me.

    As for the stuff we are not allowed to mention here for very good reason, I think everyone knows whats right and wrong, and I think everyone knows what happens to these people and how sick they are.

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  • Look man all that matters is how your dreams make you feel, if you wake up and start masterbating I reccomend seeking help for your own saftey and others. Otherwise you probably fine

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  • It is very normal for young people to dream of other young people. It is also normal for a person to hang onto very pleasant dreams and experiences.

    The potential difficulty is that various sexual and other dreams and fantasies that are totally normal when you are younger can be dangerous if you retain them into adulthood - and really dangerous if you still have them at middle age.

    I personally noticed the phenomenon in my mid 20's when other men my age would still pick up a teenage girl for a date... that bothered me. Yet, I was quite comfortable with my own sexual fantasies of being with teenage girls.

    By my 30's I noticed that some men my age (one whom I knew) was jailed and charged with statutory rape. While I had other sexual fantasies, I still had several favorites from my teenage years with teenage girls.

    I figured out what happened - and why so many older men get caught up with younger teenage girls.

    We have role-played those fantasies over and over in our head. Then when we meet a teenage girl and it meets our fantasy situation (or closely meets) our inner role playing takes over and it plays out in real life. I talked to a counselor on this and they agreed with me as the root cause of most of those situations.

    It took me over a years of effort. But I totally replaced those teenage girl fantasy situations with more age appropriate fantasy situations. It took me to my thirties to learn that I had to grow up in that regard. Unfortunately, I still hear the stories of very age different statutory rape situations to this day... and with people my age (I'm in my 60's).

    My recommendation is to learn to adjust your fantasies and dreams to legal and age appropriate people. That's part of growing up.

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    • Sounds good. But I still have those dreams and fantasies and I’m your age!

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      • So create some with ladies who are of legal age. It did not take much imagination to do that; and then use those to replace the ones for the underage girls that many of us hung onto past our teenage years.

        Part of the key to switching is to remind yourself that those "young" ones are now bad for you. A saying I often use when I get thinking about things that are not positive or healthy is "evil be gone" as I know that they are from the side that wants to tear me down.

        I admit that this took some effort to replace those. But I did it, and my wife is glad I did (and she knows about the general nature of my fantasies and desires). I have found that honest is the best approach. It's not like she doesn't have her fantasy situations too.

        I wish you well with this,

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  • If u touch my kid ill kill ya

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  • Dreams are dreams. We have no control in our sleep and our mind can take us to some odd places. However, if you mean daydream that would depend on your age.

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  • Uhhhh no I don’t think it is

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  • sorta depends how young and how often. just be aware if they become more than dreams and seek help as soon as you can if it gets to that point.

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  • How young ?

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