Normal to be stupid the less sleep i get?

I have a chronic insomnia issue so I'm sleep deprived always and I feel like it makes my brain work stupidly and I can't think but everyone around me who knows this think I'm stupid. But before the insomnia I was quick on my feet

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  • Yes have this issue. Im laying in bed now tryijg to sleep just had to take melatonin. It gets bad if I dont go to the gym that day its hard to sleepm

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  • I have the same problem have you tried trazodone?

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  • I had a psychosis and insomnia and they put me on resperirdone to clear out my thoughts and they also put me on seroquel which is a sleeping pill. Typically resperidone clears your thoughts out enough to be able to sleep but my biggest complaint was insomnia so they put me on seroquel anyway.
    So talk to a psychiatrist

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