Normal that no one likes me?

I have mental and physical health issues so I'm not fun but I try my best to act like Im happy despite being suicidal 24/7 but even then, no one likes me.

I give up trying to please people. I can't understand what I'm doing that's so wrong other than being kind to everyone even when they're unkind to me

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  • Try just being yourself. Most people can relate to sadness.

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  • Sometimes people can tell if you try too hard. Instead try to find genuine happiness. Even with such issues it's possible to focus on the positive sides of life and there are always positives even if they're small. People will notice the difference, that you're trying for yourself not just to impress other people by being someone you're not just for them.

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  • Just be yourself, personally I cant stand 24/7 depressed people, life suvks get over it. But I'm not a nice a person

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  • Normal

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  • Maybe you need to stop trying.

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