Normal that i can't remember a time i wasnt suicidal?

Ever since I was a kid I've always just felt depressed and suicidal. I've tried therapy and medication nothing seems to help. When I tell people I've felt this way for as long as I can remember they seem extremely shocked. I know most people are depressed and down etc. But is it normal that I've wanted to die my whole entire life???

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  • What kind of help have you had? Did anyone try and help when you were younger? Have you sought help as an adult?

    It's an illness that requires treatment, just like any other illness.

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  • I know we're all in the middle of this awful pandemic bullshit, but I sincerely hope that you can get some help! I don't feel suicidal, and haven't actively felt suicidal in about ten, or eleven years. I can, however, tell you that I can't recall a time that I haven't been depressed in the past at least forty years.

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  • No not normal but I can relate. It do be like that somtimes

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  • But why tho

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    • I really dont know why, seems like I was just born this way no joke

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  • Without assistance you would leave people behind.

    No one wants to see you die in front of them.

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  • Same. My mom told me years ago. I’d never been happy and that I never would be. Although she’s a narcissist, it seems to fit.

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