Normal i'm size large at 128 pounds 5'6?

I'm large in pants and I dont have a butt so it's not that. I dont know what to do. If I drop down to 105ish pounds do you think I'll finally be medium?

I'm 25 female btw

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  • 128 at 5'6 doesn't seem large at all to me!

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  • I don't understand how men can go by actual waist and inseam when shopping for pants, but women's clothing are dumb down to "Are you a 12 skinny Long?!" Which means we have to either try it on or really look at the tag for the proper measurements half of us are unsure about.

    My advice, your weight is fine, healthy in fact. You're not fat, ugly, or whatever negative adjective suits your fancy. Also, just get a measuring tape and measure yourself. Buy pants based off your measurements if possible; don't look at the LARGE and go, "Omg I must be a COW!!" Men don't care, pussy is pussy.

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  • I work in healthcare and can tell you that even with the 'standard' charts, there is a normal RANGE.
    Women have more varying body types than men. What does factor is your height, weight, age, sex, and cultural background. From that a doctor/nurse can calculate BMI. There is a range for 'Healthy' for you and many people can fall into that same range. As long as your vitals (Blood pressure, HR, respiratory rate, temp, etc) are all in normal or 'healthy' ranges then that is good.
    Even minor obesity can bring on a lot of other health issues just as being underweight.

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  • Weight doesn't matter! You should love yourself no matter how much you weigh :D

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  • I think you’re fine just where you are why change that natural beauty. I’ve heard my legs are one of my best features. My thighs are good sized but I’m only 113lbs and 5’1 so average but I appear skinny but my fats in good spots so at least I have that going for me. Even for me clothes can be a bitch I have to get size 4s in pants and shirts are xs or small and hard to find a good tight fit. It’s like these shirts are made for flat chested lil kids. It gets annoying having to find perticular shit. But I wouldn’t mind having a not so flat stomach and I feel like my weight isn’t super far from yours but you’re also a bit taller and even tho everyones different with weight, from what I see I think if you have bigger legs that’s nice why not. Just because your pants say large doesn’t mean you should feel like you are large. Embrace them legs. If I could gain more I would but I definitely don’t think you need to lose at all. Wear what you wear and I’ll continue to shop at fucking baby gap with my short ass. You’re healthy and probably have super nice legs don’t change that.

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  • I'm 6'1 and 130lbs so prettu skinny

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  • My wife is 5'0 and 125 and shes skinny so I think you are skinny too. Dont lose weight.

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  • It’s all about how it’s portioned in the body. I look average, 20lbs over weight but since it’s portioned out I look normal.
    What cup size are you because that might throw your waist size off.

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  • I weigh 104 to 110. As long as you keep skinny it's fine. I'm anorexic tho

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