Normal i'm into bad boys?

Not the f*ck boy type of bad boy, but actual bad guys.
Such as criminals, people with severe anger issues, etc. I just find it so attractive when a guy isn't scared to raise his voice or hit women (within reason) or whatever.
I tell my friends this and they just don't get it so is it normal? Or is anyone else like this?

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  • No

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  • It's pretty darn common amoung women, most of them don't admit it tho. It has evolutionary reasons but often bites women in their ass when they go into relationship with someone who is abusive. You can find a lot of literature about it. Be careful dear!

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  • So if I punch you out I get a marriage proposal?

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  • Normal. I like cruel women.

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  • Not / semi- normal. Definitely not healthy IRL, but ok as a fantasy / roleplay thing.

    Can't relate, but I have weird fetishes too, so I can sympathize.

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  • Normal.

    We used to have some neighbors years ago where the guy would beat up his G/F. Not like deadly but you would hear them getting into "physical altercations".
    We used to say, 'Sounds like the neighbors are having sex again".

    The bad thing is when women want to get others involved and put their relationship "problems" on display.

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  • Its absolutely normal. Women are naturally attracted to abusive men.

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