Has anyone got any experience in starting a non-profit? I'd like to know if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to go about it. Thanks in advance.

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  • Talk to an Accountant and perhaps a lawyer who specializes in non-profites about how to set this.

    Make sure you have a viable business plan before you start.

    Many people have great ideas.... that turn out to be money pits to set up and run... and it will be your money unless you have a good business plan on what you are doing and how you are raising money.

    I personally long ago decided it was just better to run my own privately funded personal charity than to deal with all the funding and legal requirements of a non-profit.

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  • No personal experience in starting a non-profit organization, but second-hand experience in being apart of a pro bono non-profit clinic.

    My wife is an oral surgeon, and through her practice she does pro bono dental clinics on Sundays. They do free dental work, extractions, implants, etc. her practice receives partial funding for the clinics through the CPRF Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the rest of the cost is eaten by the practice administration.

    You can have luck by trying to work with existing organizations or trying to work with political parties or even politicians themselves. Non-profits make everyone look good, most politicians or organizations are excited to have a share in the limelight

    And, kinda sadly, being able to market yourself in the most aesthetic way is incredibly important. It’s an egotistical world, some people aren’t willing to help unless they can tell the world that they did. Making something “post worthy” racks in cash

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