Nobody gives a flying fuck what i'm doing

I said I'm an Australian guy and nobody's telling me anything about Australia, nobody's seeing the good in me, nobody is caring that I'm calm, they challenge my feelings, has it ever occurred to them that I relax with a cigarette, that I'm dressed like a true Australian and see Australia as a paradise?

Has it ever occurred to you that I have a life and that I'm doing things literally, and that I'm not an uncalm man or a mentally ill person or some freak, just a normal person?

And has it ever occurred to you that I understand, and that it's the same if you were normal as if I was normal, and has it ever occurred to you that I'm so normal that we're all the same and I believe it? I have standards, and there's no anger, no upsetness, no excitement, no lack of calm, no madness, no evil, no right, no wrong, has it ever occurred to you that I don't have feelings?

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