No visible infection, but pain

My nail looks completely normal. No redness, no ingrowth whatsoever. It hurts like hell and throbs. I can't zip things up, press buttons, and I even have trouble writing.

So today, I was showing the nail to a friend of mine, a nurse, and she agreed that it looked as if nothing were wrong. A few days previously, I had cut back the side of the nail over suspicion of an ingrown nail. I pulled back the skin from the place I had cut and a small bit of pus popped out.

I dunno what this is... Has anyone else experienced this?

UPDATE: Today I clipped back the nail even further and more pus came out..

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  • If there's pus then there is an infection. Seek medical help

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  • Happens. Even I had same story ( due to injury ) years ago. But after few weeks my nail got blackish. With proper consultation, I got my nail removed. Take advice from some senior doctors. You will be fine very soon :)

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  • Yeah, you may require a needle to be poked thru the nail (by a medical professional only)

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