Nightmare everytime

Everytime the TV quits playing I have the same nightmare that I am having sleep paralysis and I can hear someone trying to break in my house and I cant wake up to grab my pistol off the night stand. Ill literally be reaching for it in my sleep. Never get all the way to touch it. But this happens only when the TV shuts off and theres no sound. I get really paranoid about break ins. It lasted for seemingly hours last night. Then I woke up thinking I heard someone kicking in the door. It seems so real.

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  • Banging, crashing, whooooooshing sounds are very common in sleep paralysis. More so when you are just entering that state though.

    I remember hearing church bells once, and seeing this shadowy thing muttering total gibberish at me. Incredible.

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  • I used to have similar concerns during my initial years of Sleep Paralysis.

    I learned to break out of sleep paralysis decades ago such that its almost instant now.

    Focus on wiggling your a finger or toe. Once that happens you snap out as your mind has now flipped the switch to be largely in control of your voluntary movements.

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  • Sleep paralysis tends to include very vivid dreams. It sucks. I’m sorry to hear you go through this.

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