New year's traditions

Is it still a very widespread tradition to send a 'Happy New Year' text at midnight to people who aren't celebrating with you in person?

In fact, was it ever?

Please do comment with other NY traditions and ways of celebrating that you personally have.

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  • I used to send a lot of Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year texts, but I haven't any out in a few years. At least not like I used to do before the pandemic.

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  • Most of the people I know aren't awake at midnight even on New Year and would be pretty annoyed if I sent them a text at that time, so I don't. 🤣

    One tradition of mine that has remained a constant since my childhood is sparkling grape juice. I never did graduate to alcohol, as I just find this stuff tastes better! 🤣

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  • In Russia we celebrate New Years twice, once on January 1st and again on January 8th following Russian Christmas which is on January 7th

    Usually you celebrate with fireworks and sparkling wine and a trip to the banya which is like a Russian sauna or a really good bath.
    It is tradition to write your “New Year’s resolution” on a piece of paper, burn it, and then drink the ashes

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    • Wow - that's amazing! Thank for sharing!

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  • This year I got messed up. I cant go as crazy as I used to because I have kids and a DUI will ruin my life now. I used to go all out on new years eve with the partying but the past few years I sat at home sober. We shot some fireworks last night with the kids and drank some whiskey.

    Now I am in the gym writing this because my resolution was to get in really good shape this yesr.

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    • You sound like you know how to get your life back on track and that you're trying to be a good dad to your kids. Good for you, man. Keep it up.

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