New upstairs neighbours vaccuums constantly

New upstairs neighbours are insane people, of course from the big city. Never met someone from the big city who wasnt absolutely nuts.
They are a young couple with 2 small kids. Its loud constantly. Stomping and running and sometimes like they are banging on things with all their force or throwing things into walls with force all the while stomping around. Not even the whitetrash family that moved in 2 years ago are even nearly as loud.
They run the vaccuum daily for hours in a row. Absolutely not necessary and absolutely insane. The noise echoes. Weird movement patterns. Sounds like they vaccuum the same room for hours which doesnt make sense.
And constant stomping.
Sometimes it sounds genuienly like horses running about up there... Like the actual noise pattern that horses make with their shoes and just as loud...
Banging the roof works but not everytime. The goofy looking loser dad then yells at the kids, for once, and it gets quieter. Guessing they're the type of modern parents who lets their kids do anything they want.
The kids start stomping and throwing things around at 7 AM on the weekend, sometimes earlier.
I never see them playing outdoors with the goblins.

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  • This is why I'd prefer living in a house.

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    • Me too but in todays economy? lol. Maybe if I win the lottery.

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  • Unfortunately, noise from upstairs neighbors is absolutely normal, even very loud noise. Millions of people around the world feel your pain.
    You say they just moved in - so a lot of work goes into moving especially when you have a family (family = more stuff, more furniture, etc) Also, most people clean their apartment when they move in so that's what most of the noise could be and that may eventually stop. The kids, however, is unfortunately a noise that will constantly happen. I suggest either talking to them or your landlord. Leases should have rules regarding noise. But remember, it's most likely going to say "No noise after 10 pm" or something similar. No one can really do anything about noise during the day.
    When I moved into my new place, I had to constantly vacuum for the first week because it was covered in pet hair . It was disgusting. I mean COVERED every inch of the place. But I had to get it cleaned as soon as possible. Now, I vacuum in the middle of the day on Saturday or Sunday.
    My upstairs neighbors are very quiet, but it's weird because every Friday afternoon around 3pm, it sounds like the drag and rearrange their furniture lol But perhaps they are cleaning

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  • maybe its a robotic vacuum runnin

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  • Move out.

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  • If you cannot afford a house then I see no solution to your inconvenience.

    I've never lived in an apartment so I don't know how it feels to have so many neighbours so close.

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