New canadian euthanasia minor laws

New laws allows minors to be euthanized without parents consent in Canada. A boy just was euthanized for "hearing loss" and another one for depression both against parents consent. Thoughts?

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  • Mostly fake news.

    The claim is based on an extreme interpretation of theoretical possibilities of a recently passed "Medical Assisted Suicide" law in Canada. Such laws exist in other counties and in certain States within the USA.

    The primary use is by people in end of life situations where there is no hope and the people wish to chose how and when they exit this earth (versus being force fed and kept alive "just because"). Most mature people support the ability to chose how they move on and in a relatively painless way at the end of their lives if they do not die suddenly.

    There is no evidence at this time to suggest that this extreme theoretical possibility would be allowed to be implemented in Canada outside of the group of people who have long argued that they should just kill children and adults with excessive mental or physical deformities - and these people have always existed.

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    • Even though it's a fringe theoretical possiblity. It's still a possiblity. I'm not canadian so I cant say much on the topic but here is my two cents.

      Even though I'm sure it does have the circumstances set in place where minors CAN get euthanized if they have X,Y,Z + a counsel determining the efficacy of said decision.

      End of the day it still means Canada WILL (it's not an if it's a when) be euthanizing children. No matter how many buts are put in front of it. People will still get upset.

      I'm pissed about the report that a canadian veteran was told to commit suicide because of his ptsd from a VA canada rep. Like what the fuck?

      Euthinisa because of depression is just allowing depression to win yet patting yourself on the back that you solved something.

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  • The whole idea of euthanasia disgusts me (for THINGS that are medically reversible without a need for killing)

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    • I read a story where a guy was super depressed and decided to cash his life savings in one last party before killing himself. Went down to Mexico, had drugs and hookers. When he left he didnt want to kill himself anymore.

      I think that's a swell last ditch effort in staying alive.

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  • fuck canada

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  • Justin needs to be euthanized.

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