Never drink together

Is it normal my partner never drinks with me we have kids together and she rather her weekend then mine although I spend mine together she goes out with friends and gets blind drunk and stays out all night she has history of cheating yet I find it strange she won't go out with me and have drink

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  • Nah man if she has a history of cheating dont let her go out drinking with her single "girlfriends". Thats not a good idea.

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    • Well I mean you can't just tell your wife "I forbid you". She isn't a 16 year old trying to get permission to go somewhere.

      Treating her like it's the middle east is just going to make everything worse.

      In times like this a private investigator would come in handy.

      Or maybe, y'know, just don't date people you know have cheated before. Then you wouldn't need to feel paranoid.

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  • If you have kids together it's probably good that you both don't get stupid drunk at the same time.

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  • She's cheating on you!

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  • She sounds like an asshole.

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  • She has a history of cheating and yet you find it strange that she won't go out with you for drinks?'re on your own here, chief

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  • She sounds like an alcoholic.

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