Nephew caught peeping at me

The last little while Ive suspected that someone has been peeping at me, at first I thought it was my son, and IF I heard them outside my door Id open it and there would be no one there. This went on for months yet I didnt think I was nuts, so I set up me little camera to catch the perpetrator, and of course I did but it was my cell phone so it was unclear who it was. You see in my apartment, which is located in my Aunts home on the 2nd floor, the doors are not all that closley shut because the house is very old. Needless, I set up my video andlet everyone know that I was in the shower THEN i would be busy and not to be disturbed (I knew this would arouse interest) Sure enough the noises came outside the door i remotely started the camera and played a little game I was naked and fondled a little, and put on a short show then, immediately opened the door into the hallway. It was my nephew 14 years old, he was standing there with his penis in his hand, and as I surprised him he ejaculated on me. Im not not sure who was surprised more him or me.
He ran away Ive said nothing, but we look at each other alot .Anyway I have it on tape and Ive watched it from his perpestive more than a dozen times since then, and I get very aroused by it Maybe I souldnt but, I guess every girl does need to feel wanted now and then.

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