Neighbours who never shut up

Last spring new neighbours moved in above us and its a family with two children. The children jump and run on the floor so much when I sit in a furniture I can feel the furniture shaking everytime they jump up there. I can hear them talking, laughing, yelling, crying all day. Often it just sounds like they are throwing things into the floor and walls, it just sounds absolutely insane like things are being thrown everywhere and slammed repeatedly into the floor with force. Ive never once seen the parents bring the children outside. I dont know what the children look like as i've only ever seen the entire family twice by their car outside. Several families live here in the building and they take their kids out many times a day and bring their kids with them to the store and other places. The family above though never lets the children out from the sounds of it. I do not think they even go to daycare or school and every night close to 1 AM, always the same time, one of the children always starts crying. I never hear the parents, not ever. I doubt they care about anything their kids do and all I want is silence. All other neighbours have the common decency to not disturb their neighbours. Ive seen the dad a few times and he looks like the biggest loser ever, but hes probably not some nice wimp since he locks his children in the apartment and doesnt care what they do there. Its my moms apartment this and she doesnt want to get involved in anything by complaining and doesnt think anything will be done about it anyway. I feel like I am going insane. Ive lived in apartment living my entire life and never experienced anything like this and we've had all kinds of weird neighbours.

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  • Here's what I think, have you just settled? And were you the whole time silent? Therein lies your solution. Furthermore what would you like to do, to perhaps sulk about it? Suppose you tell me what you'd like to do? Is it wise what you're doing? It's no good sulking, it's no good without ear muffs, reading a newspaper then would be best.

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  • There is a reason I dislike apartment living.

    A lot of people aren't considerate of others, at the same time others think it's time to call in a complaint if you drop a spoon on the floor.
    Others, think they are being nice or friendly and stick their noses in everybody's business.

    One time a friendly neighbor was in my car, said I left my windows down and it might rain. Well, I had only been home about 3 minutes and was leaving again quickly. (I know, yes I had roll up windows! Years ago), I would have thought he was trying to steel something but he was just that way with everybody.

    Anyway, my point move out of apartment life, it's probably not for you.

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