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Im f19 — I’ve been talking to this girl for quite some time now and I kinda developed feelings for her. I think about her everyday, every morning I wake up and every night I go to sleep. I like her so much it hurts. She gives me mixed signals all the fucking time and it frustrates me because one minute we’re flirting and then the next day she tells me about how she made eye contact with her crush who looks like Eminem. Like? Am i just assuming things? She’s very clingy to me too and that confuses me a lot. I just don’t know if she actually likes me or just likes me as a friend? She made me a Spotify playlist a while ago which is like full of love songs and today she sent me a video of her singing “Tell me what is love” from D.O — i just don’t know what to do. Should i just keep things friendly?

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  • She fancies both you and Eminem boy. No-one makes a playlist of love songs for their platonic friend. You can’t wait for a girl to ask you out though, society just hasn’t trained her to do that, if you want to date her you will need to make the first move yourself.

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  • Is she even a lesbian?

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    • She seems like one or idk bisexual maybe? She follows and watches queer shows tho..

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