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Its weird that I am pretty tall and kind of skinny looking but at the gym apparently I lift alot of weights which I was surprised by when seeing other guys struggling to get alot less only a few times. For some reason on bench press even if I dont workout for months I still workout on bench with about 225 to 245 with reps of 10. But I am not strong in other areas. I can only do 8 pull ups and I cant even squat what I can bench. Idk why I am so strong on bench because I was never a big weight lifter. But for some reason bench press I excell at even stronger than guys alot bigger.

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  • For some reason I can apparently butterfly curl an ungodly amount of weight (390lbs) even though I've never trained at it, I think it might be from my decade & a half of wrestling since it works a lot of the same muscles that you use for flys/butterflys.

    Can't do any pull/chin ups though, then again that might be because I'm 280 & never did pull/chin ups in my life.

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