My voice can't be heard, even if i shout

One of the things that irritate me so much is that when I talk to someone, they apparently cannot hear me. I have to keep repeating myself, to the point of shouting. Yet, they still cannot hear me. I talk as loud and clear as possible, but at the end am exhausted.

No, it's not the issue with an accent everyone where I am from have all the same accents except for foreigners. I am not a foreigner to my own country.

Edit: I just realized this post made me seem as if I am a ghost.

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  • Guys what is this? I see a post but no words..

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  • Key part of interacting is ACTING. It's going to feel weird at first, like you're talking way too loud and being silly, but go record your voice and listen to the playback.

    Most likely, you're far too quiet and monotone. You need to put out more energy.

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  • Used to happen to me

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  • I remember being in such a situation. But nowadays everyone can hear me. I didn't even change anything.

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  • You need to speak up. First try talking to yourself in a video if you cant hear yourself in a video people cant hear you.

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