My vegetarian friend wants to eat chicken for the first time. what should

What should she try first? I need ideas. She was raised vegetarian by her parents and no longer wants to be vegetarian but I want her first food to be best and I'm not sure what it should be?

Chicken sandwich somewhere? What kind? Mexican food? Italian? American? Halal?

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  • I'd do a sampler plate. Everthing from a simple steamed or boiled chicken breast to a few pieces of KFC (or Church's or whatever local brand you have). I'd probably have at least 5 different kinds of chicken for her to sample.

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  • What kind of food is she already a fan of? Does she like curry? East Asian food? Fatty stuff? I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that fits her tastes.

    I’m personally a big fan of fried chicken sandwiches but that’d probably be a bit much for someone who’s been vegetarian for life. It’ll be easier for her if you integrate it into food she already knows

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  • Chicken tastes the best grilled, IMO.

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    • Might be too chickeny for her first time. Maybe like orange chicken or something or chicken tenders.

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  • If you have a grill, grill up some chicken breasts yourself. You can flavor it to your friend's preferences

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  • Raw chicken.

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