My unconscious mind wants me to smoke

In b4 "cigarettes kill you, lung cancer, heart failure, bad breath, disgusting habit etc etc"...

For the past year or so, I have been having thoughts about smoking cigarettes despite never having smoked before. Nobody in my family smokes. Prior to this, I have been anti-smoking and used to think "Ew, why would anybody do that?".
Now I keep feeling like I reaalllyyyy want to smoke. I can't stop thinking about it.
I keep having frequent reoccurring dreams where I am smoking cigarettes with a nice man because he tells me they will make me feel less stressed.
A couple of weeks ago, my friend let me try one of his cigarettes because I kept going on about it and it was...okay, nothing amazing. Despite it not being as amazing as in my fantasies, I kept fantasising about it.
I bought a pack of 10 superkings on Friday and had two at once. I felt really jittery afterwards, which I didn't like.

For the whole weekend, I've had urges to smoke. At 1am last night, I was sat craving one.
Now I really want to buy a pack of 20 superkings because I only have 6 left from my old pack.

Why is this happening????????? It's like I was addicted before I even started.
Is this normal? (Also, if you could give me some advice I would appreciate it).

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  • I know a guy who went to prison and it changed his life. Being surrounded by people who worked out all day caused him to be a person who worked out to... When he was released he went back to his family and within weeks he started to revert back to who he was. Months later he was just as lazy as his family again.

    People tend to take on the habits of the people around them, that's why the likelihood of a child smoking is greater when the parent smoke. You need to isolate yourself from smokers as much as you can. If you don't, you'll find yourself taking up the habit full time yourself.

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  • Sure go ahead and start smoking then spend the rest of your life trying to quit.

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  • Smoking is overrated.

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  • Smoking is gross. If you don't want to smoke, don't do it.

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  • Advice is never smoke again. Obsession in thoughts and behavior can be shifted. You can feed your anxious energy by something that isn't ridiculously expensive and kills you. Also your thoughts in the first place were fueled by marketing executives at large cigarette companies. For years Hollywood didn't want smoking in the films and it became a thing because cigarette companies paid for it. Quitting will become exponentially harder. If you wanna take other drugs have fun, but cigarettes are nothing to fuck around with. I have a rule where I never tell people what to do but this is the one I can't keep my mouth shut. Quit. If you are already beyond being able to on your own, seek rehabilitation.

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  • This happens to me sometimes. But only when I haven't had a blunt in a few days. I usually will smoke 2 or 3 ciggerates at a time but only if I haven't smoke some bud in a while. You're not addicted to smoking. Chill.

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  • It's 'The System' and their propaganda is working, man. Be strong don't let THE MAN bring you down! They want your money. Don't be a sucker!

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