My terrible ex showing up in all my dreams

My first boyfriend from 7 years ago has started to show in every single one of my dreams this past week. I haven't dreamt or thought about him in a long time. I loved him very much due to denial and low self esteem, he was a scary person. The only good thing which came out of that relationship was I educated myself on red flags in people and how to protect yourself from emotional abuse in the future.
I dont want to be dreaming about him. Everytime he shows his face in my dream I feel sick and I want to get away from him but he's there trying to get my attention and make me forgive him, but his real intensions are getting me back into his web. Then after a while something draws me to him and I cant take my eyes from him. I stare at his handsome face until he turns to look at me. He notices my staring and smiles, his eyes gleaming in a menacing way. That's when I get up and run away from him, my adrenaline rushing and I feel disgusted. When I wake up I feel very low and my brain is foggy.

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  • Unfortunately this is common even years after leaving an abusive relationship. The only thing I can tell you is that it does fade away eventually.

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  • Try not to think too much on it during the day. One dream can barrel roll into weeks of nightmares Bc you don’t stop thinking about it while you’re awake. It sucks. But it is normal.

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