My stomach is farting or something

Lately my stomache has been making these farting noises at night when I'm goin to sleep. I know for sure it's not because I'm hungery. It doesnt even sound like normal stomach growling, it's little weird I said, close to farting. They're kind of loud too, is this normal? What should I do?

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  • I had the same problem too. Thus a little worried. I have farting sounds coming from my stomach, I thought I heard wrongly but its crystal loud and clear and repetitively for a few times. Once I was in the public and suddenly my stomach exudes this fart sound that I couldn't control, I was so embarrass that I intentionly hold onto my stomach to show that 'Yes it came from there'. I was containing my laughter too but anyway. Seriously, is there anyway to stop this farting sounds from my stomach.It's killing me.

    I think i used to control my fart too much that it did reversed to the wrong way. Hope the next time I dont have fart coming from my nose. LOL. damn, I need to drink more tea or coffee maybe.

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  • The Day My Stomach Went Psycho

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  • It sounds a lot like something I have been experiencing quite often. I haven't asked anyone about it but i have a terrible diet. i eat very poorly and very infrequently. It could just mean that there is something wrong with your digestion, you should talk to your doctor and maybe get in touch with a nutritionist.


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  • When this happens, does your breath smell bad? Some times when people have trouble expelling gas in the normal way, it exits in the reverse direction. It's pretty uncommon, but it does happen.

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  • OK... there are lots of people saying lots of things but i feel i know what it is.

    Lactose Intolerance

    As you get older or later on in your life, you can develop A stomach intolerance for cheese, ice cream, milk... you know...

    Another Cause could be when you lie down, you are taking weight off of your spine..
    you could have a uncommon condition where your nerve react. and some how that causes noises and in some case pain your abdomen.

    I'm not a doctor, but you should go see one, or with in 10years.. you may have to go for a colonoscopy

    HEY NEIGH SAYERS!! your body is connected from head to toe. something as simple as a toothache can cause a infection that could KILL YOU!

    so keep a open mind.

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    • I disagree. I'm vegan and the farting happens to me even though I haven't ate dairy over a year now..

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  • My tummy does this when im hungry, i can actually do it voluntarily sometimes by tensing my muscles in & out, but usually if i try to burp, a load of air comes out & it stops doing it!!
    maybe try to make yourself burp if it starts doing it again!!
    sure its nothing toworry about!

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  • it could be that you're drinking too much soda? chewing too much gum? eating too quickly? cuz its usually the air thats trapped in your stomach thats making that noise... try avoing stuff like that that would make you swallow air somehow.

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  • It's probably just the sounds of your stomach digesting. Most of the time it's not noticeable, but sometimes the stomach makes a big show when confronted by certain food items, or after a large meal. If it still worries you, just try to identify what foods cause the gurgling.

    Does it make you belch a lot? If so, you may just be swallowing a lot air.

    That said, if there's any pain involved, you should definitely see a doctor.

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  • my stomache does that nearly every day
    usually at about 11 pm to 1 am
    it feels fine tho...i think its usually when you eat something that takes longer to digest than other stuff

    or maybe its got something to do with how small you chew your food to before you swallow it
    anyway...its normal...just forget about it

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  • My stomach makes really loud noises at night too. Some of them do sound like fart noises but I can tell its my stomach because I can feel it.
    I kinda figured it was digesting food, but I just looked up what it means and said that it was your intestines making the noise...heres the web site...

    Hope that helps !!!

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  • Hmm, well, it could be because of the rare disease "Gaseous Venter". It causes the stomach to implode upon itself, causing loud "farting" noises, usually at night.

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  • Its due to indigestion problem. You should take Hajmola,Gas-O-Fast or something like that which helps in digestion after meal. Better see a doctor so that he can prescribe you best medicine suitable to your age. I asked doctor online using and they told me good cure which I am satisfied. But for online consultation you should clearly mention your age even if they donot ask. May be you donot get in local store what they prescribe, so may be needed to order online. They may not be so detailed while prescribing so ask them in detail about medication as per your age. Because single medicine comes with different power like in 1mg or 5mg or someother scale.
    But you consult local doctor for this problem he may suggest you medicine available in local stores.
    But mostly it happens due to indigestion problem as far as i think.

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  • The sounds are coming from your intestine. yes it is perfectly normal, its just the little gastric juices that come through holes in the colon.

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  • Not really normal. Maybe it's hungry

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  • hey
    i have that but its only happens when im with my boyfriend its to imbarrcing and a couple of hours later im stumack is rock hard what it i tryed every thing ?????

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  • haha..
    Go see a doctor.

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