My stomach hurts everytime I eat

It hurts EVERYTIME I eat causing me not to be able to eat as much as I want. It's been like this my whole life. Also I've been to the doctor and had tons of tests done. They never found anything wrong with me. Is this normal?

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  •'s rubbish

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  • Maybe you're allergic to something? Or as someone here suggested you could be allergic to gluten. I have a few friends who have that problem.

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  • No, this is not normal. If the doctors can't find anything, maybe it's the food you are eating. My stomach hurts if I eat apples.

    Try different foods. Try eating lots of fat, like butter, cheese, and poultry drippings. See what happens if you stop eating grain-based foods, like bread, or certain fruits and vegetables, or anything containing seeds.

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  • You could be wheat/gluten intolerant or allergic. Try eating foods for two weeks that do not contain wheat/gluten. A lot of people have this intolerance and are unaware of it. I used to have stomache pains all of the time and doctors didn't know what it was. A friend told me about this problem and I stopped eating foods containing wheat/gluten. I feel a lot better and healthier. Here are some links that will help you determine what not to eat. you can also just google information. Also, the ingredients do not always say wheat or gluten, but it may say modified food starch or any thing like that.

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  • That happened to my brother for a year. He lost 40 pounds in a month and doctors said there was nothing wrong. He started smoking weed and that was the only thing that he can do for his pain to go away. He gained all his weight back thanks to Mary Jane :)

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  • eat slowly?

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  • I had the same issue and found out it was an ulcer.

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  • You need to take a big hefty shit

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  • Don't eat (:

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  • Depends on how much your trying to eat. A slice of pecan pie or folding that sucker in half to devour it all in one setting!

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  • I had the same problem and I found for a while marijuana was the only thing that allowed me to eat, but it got me paranoid after 5 years.
    Then I started drinking, and I understand there is an history of alcoholism in my family.
    So beer really doesn't help much, but maybe you want to try Mojitos:
    mix 2 teaspoons sugar with 1 tspn lime juice
    20 grated mint leaves or mint extract
    add 1 ounce of rhum, add crushed iced
    shake hard
    also icy cold goldshlagger, great cinnamon taste, you keep in the freezer
    I like jaggermeister and Cointreaux too

    I understand alcohol helps clean out your bowels and get rid of bacterias and viruses

    The next day, be prepared to kill the hangover with softflavoured fruit juices like Fruitopia blueberry-watermelon or peach-pear juice and stay on the fruity drinks as long as you don't want alcohol. Concentrated fruit punches and OJ are too acid and cause stomach ache.

    Another great trick to kill tummy ache is cool drinks. Keyword here is: blender. Buy a blender with a iron-steel mechanism, the plastic ones get scraped off.
    Blend lots of ice with little coffee, little milk, sugar, Quick chocolate mix and even add Brandy.
    or Blend ice with frozen rasberries and strawberries, sugar and a little water.
    Or do the same with frozen mango
    Tap water tends to increase stomach ache because of the limestone, bacterias and what not.

    Also, make carrot soup, steam carrots, sinking them in boiling water draws out to much sugar and vitamins. Steam them on the stove in a pot over hot water in like a frying basket 4 or 5 minutes, until they're bright orange. Set aside to cool off away from steam, they only need to be a little soft. In the blender with 15%% cream (do not keep cream more than 3 days), heat up in microwave and add ground sea salt and pepper genereously.

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