My Step daughter is sexually attracted to me

My step daughter is 13 and she used to be close with her dad but he does not really care about her anymore when i met her she was 6 but anyway she has told me that she fancies me and she gets very flirtacious when we are on our own like if i take her out in the car she puts her hands all over me and sometimes gets a bit kissy i have to fight her off me and she walks around naked ( when her mum is not home ) if i tell her to put clothes on she will say " come and help me then " as soon as her mum gets home she stops but this is driving me nuts she is a very attractive young woman and now she is starting to age it is messig with my head is this stuff normal

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  • This kind of stuff never happens to me.

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  • First things first, you need to be completely transparent with your wife immediately. Tell her that you didn't tell her because you didn't know what to do and that you thought it would stop. If you don't tell her, you'll lose everything and you'll screw your life up and your family's. Not telling her already is a big mistake.

    If you think that your step-daughter is going to let you have sex with her and then not blow the whistle, then you're mistaken. This whole act is her way of controlling the situation with her father. "Daddy issues" isn't a term for nothing - if she's not trying to sleep with you to get back at her father (what better way to stab him in the heart by letting him know his wife AND daughter are sleeping with the same guy), then she's trying to sleep with you so she can seemingly have some control over a man in her life.

    This has nothing to do with sex. She's craving control. She's upset with the situation and is seeking to control it by sleeping with you. This coupled with the fact that her hormones are raging right now is not making this pleasant for anyone. Do not sleep with her under any circumstances, avoid all situations where you are alone with her and get help now with your wife.

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  • She's a minor. NO WAY. She doesn't know who she is yet, so don't give in. Don't blow the whistle on her by telling her mother either, though. Just don't let yourself get in these situations where you two are alone if you can help it. Now, if she still wants to get it on when she turns 21 (yes, 21, not 18), then that's another matter....

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    • I somewhat agree although the mother needs to be aware... You will have to prepare for being accused of being a liar!
      Teenage girls are very manipulative,
      I know I was one!
      But at this age... As the above person said...
      We don't know our own identity yet,
      Do not cave in!
      She may talk the talk but she is a child.
      Maybe spice you're own sex life up a bit too because for you to even contemplate means you're clearly lacking... Get what you need from you're woman... &
      nip this in the bud ASAP!
      start the convo like
      "I've got something to tell you about (daughter) I want her here whilst we talk about it because I feel uncomfortable & I need this to be taken seriously!"

      How strange... I fancied my old step dad I've only just thought of it now... It's almost like of well if they're good enough for my mum he's clearly an amazing guy... And because you're not biologically related & show them love & affection I think it's the fine line between the two.. I grew out of it although I never flirted I just thought things in my head lol. Hope this helps
      Good luck

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  • She's most likely messed up emotionally because of the breakdown of the relationship with her father, so she's looking for validation off men in other ways, namely flirting with you. Avoid situations alone with her, and if she continues to behave like that, threaten to tell her mother.

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  • the title sounds like a porno
    anyway i'd say that's normal

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  • Talk to her mother pronto, right now, immediately!!! She needs to know and have one great big talk with her daughter about this inappropriate behaviour. You send this girl totally the wrong message keeping quiet about it!

    Step way back from this - as part of the discussion with your wife make it clear that you will not be around her daughter alone until this is straightened out.

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  • She sounds like some kind of nympho.

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  • From a young age i used to hop into bed an snuggle feeling his bulge then he used to turn me over and place my bum on his genitals applying pressure on my clitoris with his hand subtly.. he would then come into my room and give me tickles and rubs all over and would pull down my pants rubbing / teasing my private area but never fully touching it .. he used to pull my lips apart so he could see me .. and always make the excuse it was a bum rub .. but always end up making me wet .. I used to want to tell him to stick his finger inside me and just touch it .. he used to spend hours doing it .. one day he came home from work and came in for a session of touching and I remember he was trembling by the tme he finished coz I spread y legs as far apart as I could letting him practiaclly touch my lips oh .. then he quickly ran to the toilet as always after our little daddy daughter time .. then one day we were on the couch and he got me to put my feet up on his lap so he could start rubbing my legs .. as soon as i put my feet up his dick got hard and I could feel it .. he just stared all embarassed into space .. so I let him rub my legs a all the way to my knickers where he used to pull the elastic to the side and pull my skin to stretch my pussy and look inside ... another time we were on their bed and he somehow managed to loosen all my clothes and my shirt was off he got carried away and started fully playng with my nipples and boobs I could imagine he wanted to suck them .. at night he would always tell me to go put my pajamas on coz it was quicker easier access to get me naked and also cover up incase mum came .. one night the old bitch caught him massaging the outside of my hole and bum in the dark .. he quickly pulled up my pants but boy did she go off .. I heard him tell her that I never told him to stop whch was right, not long after that I went into his bedroom and he was sitting with boxer shorts on and pulled the leg to the side to show me his dick and balls I nearly fainted coz it was infront of mum too I wanted to play with them and suck the cherry of his dick .. and also He used to leave the door open when he would fuck her so I could see and hear him in action .. he used to come to me for foreplay and a hard on then have to go finish up with her .. I remember him complaining coz she was never wet .. oh gosh listening to him come all the time while I used to finish myself off.. God the poor guy has to use lube for the dragon .. she has never even sucked his cock .. I would love another back rub and bum tickle in private with no one else around I would let him touch me all over again peeking and exploring me .. then I would suck his big cock for a minute not to make him come but give him a taste of what its like .. then I would tell him to keep rubbing my back and special places .. eventually letting him insert his penis penetrating my vagina .. even if its a big one he makes me wet enough to be able to handle him moving up and down in me eventually blowing his beautiful fat sack inside my vagina .. like he has always wanted to do .. I masturbate over the memories of him touching me and then imagine hm finishing the job propperly in me .. it can make me climax in less than two minutes .. I imagine him sucking my nipples with his big heary beard and touching and rubbing my mini with his big fingers .. then hopping on top or rolling me over and inserting from behind .. oh dadddy .. he makes me cum and wet writing all this out .. We need Daddy daughter bonding time to live out the fantasy .. Im just glad I was his "viagra" til I moved away and he told a friend of mine jeremy that his sex life had been really bad since I left .. cant he imagine it .. or does he need hands on play time to get hard then again

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  • The advice Murasaki gave you above is valid. She probably is being controlled by her mother, at least in her mind, and she's looking for leverage. She gets you to succumb to your little mushroom head just once and you're dead meat.

    1) Blackmail if you don't intervene between her and her mom.

    2) Blackmail for what she wants or she'll blow the whistle on you for statutory rape.

    You need some strange? Go out and find it as young as you legally can, but keep that mushroom head in the garage at home.

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  • This is not normal at all, but I am also jealous )

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  • I had to give a home to my wife's 16yr old sister,who was very attractive.It was'nt long before she was trying her pussy,==she would lie on the sunlounger in a bikini with her legs open,--she would sit on my lap until I she knew I was getting stiff,==if I needed to enter her bedroom I always asked,ok,there was knickers everywhere.==I will never know how I kept my hands to myself,I was dying to finger her little fanny,I'm sure she wanted me to.I somehow managed to control myself.--BUT--I settled for regularly wanking off in her knickers.
    Like you it was doing my head in
    One day I came across a pair of her black knickers full of her cum,the sweet scent of her young pussy was super,
    I added to it. I am pretty certain she knew I was jerking off in her knickers and going thro her panty drawer.--What ya supposed to do???-If my wife had ever found out I would never have paid it off.--Good luck buddy/

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  • Yeah just watch "To Catch a Predator". All kinds of stupid men are out there committing the same act you're contemplating.

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  • Just do it lol

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  • Sex is a wonderful part of life. It can be mysterious and bizarre by nature. I would actually take advantage if I could trust her in keeping it a secret. Lots of people consider certain sexual acts "sick", but that's a gigantic part of sex. Don't be a closed-minded retard, be sick. Be naughty.

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  • Not normal. She needs help. She could be developing a mental issue. A friends daughter did this to her mom;s boyfriend. She is now an adult and still sexually messed up.

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  • You're f-ing crazy. If she is attracted to you, have sex with her. Some other thread was going on about a step-dad molesting a step-daughter, but this seems like a golden ticket to a fun ride. Do it in a room where it would take time for the mother/wife to reach you guys, to help prevent being caught. Just reading that story turned me on.
    Do yourself a favour and dig in. It's not wrong, it's natural.

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  • This is not normal. Step daughter is mentally ill and as her parent you need to see to it that she gets the help she needs. Tell her mother what's going on...both of you sit down with her together and talk with her about it, then find counseling. As well as individual counseling for the step daughter.

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  • I'm surprised she hasnt given up yet =/
    i think shes getting confused with feelings cos shes 13 and cos she knows ur not her biological dad. You might wanna have a proper talk with her.. and maybe get her mum to talk about the birds and the bee's.

    I dont think you should tlk to her about the birds and bee's cos she fancies u and she'll only think of u lol

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  • I had the same problem but with a few slight detail differences i talked to her about it you should talk to your step daughter see exactly what she expects or wants to happen then make a decision in my opinion if everyone involved wants something understands it alll completely and no one gets hurt i dont care who they are or their age i say figure it out and maybe have the life nearly every man on earth secretly dreams about im a psychologist so id have a long conversation with her first but i see no real problem here just mutual opertunity

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  • It is not normal but then not uncommon. In our family my wife is so busy that my teen daughters ask me to wash their hair in the bath, shave their legs and their bikini lines for them. I see them naked lots but their is no sexual attraction they are 18 and 20.

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  • She isn't hitting on you. She is just showing you she is comfortable with showing her body and physical contact isn't that much of a big deal to her. She is not the trouble. You are. She isn't teasing you, she is testing you. She wants to know exactly how open or close minded you are and can be. And that's her way of finding out.If you pass the test you become a confident, someone to talk to as if you were a friend, exchanging confidences and so forth, she might even start treating like one of her girlfriends,if you don't you become a pain in the ass to either stay away of or to handle with care. Lots of kids do that kind of thing. It's also a way to let parents know they aren't dumb naive children anymore and need to be treated with some respect and not like they are continuosly misbehaving with their every breath.

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  • b smart dont b a retard

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  • you must pretend that you have taken her pictures on your camera.and if she will do such things again then you gonna show these pictures to her mom --don't take any pictures in real maybe youwill lost them or some one else can find them .don't say much hard words to her she might go do stuff out side home with some one else -Allah May help you

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