My sister secretly pigs out on fast food

So I caught her in her car pigging out on burgers and trying to hide her face with her hair. She is anorexic but recently gained a lot of weight after taking meds for depression. There was a huge pile of buns on the floor. Is this normal behavior for someone with anorexia?

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  • Yes. She is technically starving. So her instincts to eat and stay alive are making her lose control of herself. She can’t help it.

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  • Well she will secretly gaining weight and her health will be affected if she continues. Some people that's all they know is fast food.

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  • as her sister you need to get her some professional help. i don’t know what else to say as i don’t have much experience in this stuff. but just support her, don’t put her down or make her feel worse than she already is. she knows it’s bad.

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