My sister in-law

I would like an opinion on what I saw, my husbands sister was staying with us for a few days break, I awoke one morning and they were up I went down stairs they were in the front room watching breakfast telly they were sat on the sate drinking coffee he was in his pyjamas she was wearing her night shirt only a couple of buttons were fastened so not much was hidden I could see she didn't have any knickers on her legs were apart she crossed them when she saw me, her nipples were showing as well, I have been asking my self wasn't that a bit too cosy even for brother and sister, when I walked in I could see everything she had got,
Could something be going on between them, I have never been that casually dressed in the company of my brother,
my sister my husband yes

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  • I'll trade you your sister-in-law for my sister-in-law.

    You'll be in for a rude surprise!

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  • Well if she was knickerless she may have wanted you to see her pussy as she may just fancy you as well as your husband ?? have you ever noticed her looking at you ? ever thought she might be sniffing your panties or she has left her panties where you might find them ?? Keep an open mind on these things but if I was a betting man I would say that they are fucking each other.

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    • I have caught her eyeing my bottom when I am turned away from her, and as you said I think they are fucking, I have watched there body language I think they are, are they really doing any harm she has gone home.

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  • She's clearly being inappropriate with your husband. You should confront both of them immediately.

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  • thats nothing , i walked into a living room and saw my brother-in-law doggie in my wife. he slip up his sweat pants real fast and pulled her panties over her butt hole . she said he was helping her find somthing under the couch. bullshit i caught them . i would have watched if they had come clean with me .

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  • what is sister like. agw. hair.figure .tits.hairy or bald?

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  • You mean she was fully naked with only a transparent gown ?

    It all depends on where they are from and how they were raised

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