My significant other whom i’ve been with for the past year

Continues to tell me not to worry, or just take it one day at a time when it comes to “us”. However he still has a “room-mate” whom he lives with. They do not share a room, but they have been together for an extended amount of time. They have had a life together but extenuating circumstances have not allowed them to “separate”

I guess the more I type this it sounds dumb. I’m just the “other” and a life together won’t happen since I’m a secret now anyways.

I ask
Him if I make him happy, he says yes. He talks about a life and doing things together, but I’m afraid it’s not a reality.

Is there anything I can say to him?

Again please no judgement. But I know I’ll hear it.

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  • I am sorry for you.

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  • There's not much hope if he is not willing to make your relationship public to his friends and at least part of his family (not all family members are on good terms with each other). "Secret" relationships are rarely beneficial to both parties.

    I wish you the best with figuring out what to do next.

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  • There is nothing you can say to him that will change his mind, he enjoys your company (and probably the sex) but does not see you as girlfriend material. It doesn’t sound like he wants to be anyone’s boyfriend at all.

    Your options are to stay and accept that a situationship is as far as this will ever go or to move on.

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