My roommate always tries to talk about irrelevant stuff

He always brings up the topic of being a "Pokémon" fan and often likes to have certain conversations about collecting Pokémon cards when he knows he is well over the age of 40 years old.

Recently he's been putting down money to buy a Nintendo switch and he's always boasting excitedly about it. I'm trying hard not to open my mouth and say anything to his face that will hurt his feelings so I just pretend to smile and act as if I find it interesting to me.

Although the truth is that I judge him in my "head" and always think that he's just a ten year old loser in a grown mans body that wants a mother to take care of him while he sits on his ass all day obsessing over Pokémon and other shit that's not relevant to me.

Update: he's now trying to mention stuff about his "stuff" while people are trying to work on kitchen renovations.

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