My purpose in life seems to be laid out for me

I’m a teen and I’ve always loved ‘exotic’ animals. A year ago I decided that I want to pursue a zoology career, hoping that maybe I could get a position in herpetology specifically (the study of reptiles and amphibians). I have a handful of reptiles as pets. Well, turns out that my second cousin was exactly the same way (We even had the same species of snake as a pet) but after getting a degree in zoology, she never used it because she converted to Christianity and took up a housewife position. I was born soon after she made that decision, like I was a kind of replacement for the person she was originally intending on being. I didn’t even know about her almost becoming a zoologist and having reptile pets until after I already discovered my passion for the same things and I have only met her once in my entire life. I’m really weirded out, is it just a coincidence or something more? Hope I explained this well.

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  • It could have also been a some gene yall both inherited. My advice to you is go for the highest paying job that requires the least amount of work. Because usually even if you are passionate about your job you'll still hate going to work after a few years.

    So if youre gonna hate the job anyway just get something easy that pays alot. Because nothing is worse than not wanting to go to work and then knowing you're gonna get a shitty paycheck on Friday.

    I know it sounds cruel but sometimes chasing your dreams can actually be a mistake. If you are young you might not have a good grasp on money yet and how expensive life really is. Being broke sucks.

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