My past success

My prestige is influenced by Alain the philosopher (who's a teacher on YouTube who wrote books), even though he doesn't call himself a philosopher, it's also influenced by anti-Australianism, Christianity, and stuff.
It's about conformity and not being a separate person. This is difficult since my identity isn't without quirks, there's a method to the norms, e.g. it's based on a principle, but people think it's just different and that's all it is, for what you think I was never nothing, I was following what's known as normalism, but my normalism is just being normal for the sake of normal. The doctors misunderstand my normalistic tendencies as not something to go back on the meds but to transfer to the tablets, I wasn't eccentric back then at 27, I didn't know what kind of normal I was, since I'm aware of what it is now I know exactly what I was doing. I wasn't interested actually in my quirkiness, I was only interested in one thing: the ultranormal which I forgot I was doing.
Assimilating with everyone in 2012 wasn't a new attempt at normalcy, it derives from my old idea that normal is having no uniqueness whatsoever. I should take a plunge and be way too normal.

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