My parents raised me wiccan... but... ?

I was raised wiccan. My parents taught me witchcraft from an early age, still practicing it today at 28. Witchcraft is just my cultural way of everyday life. Everyday norm.

Now the internet is telling me that witchcraft or wiccan, is wrong or bad or a sin? Or dangerous? Or evil.. or am crazy?

Am confused. How is herbal tea or channeling positive energy... Bad???

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  • People are funny about these things. On the one hand they like to say it's stupid nonsense, and then on the other they call it evil and dangerous. You can't have it both ways.

    Personally I don't believe in it, but I don't believe in any religions and it doesn't stop me from being friends with people who are. I respect their beliefs and hope they respect mine.

    If you are happy and you aren't hurting anyone please just carry on. Life is too short to worry about what others think.

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  • fucking love it.

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  • Wiccans aren’t evil. That would be black magic practitioners, which wiccans don’t associate with at all.

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  • seems to me like a buncha weird new agey horseshit that dont accomplish anythin

    but whatever makes you feel better

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  • It’s not. Haters gonna hate. Keep conjuring!

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  • I practice and study witchcraft, and the majority of the people who think it's evil are Christians who don't understand it.

    The people who say it's stupid or not real are the same people who ask you to cast a love spell for them.

    All it is, is ignorance and an unwillingness to learn.

    Continue your craft and doing what brings you peace and happiness.

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  • Nigga, you a witch! That shit ain't normal! If you was in da hood right now we'd run

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  • It's main philosophy is to do what you will, without harming anyone. No, it's not evil - a lot of people dismiss what they don't understand. :/

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  • Salem witch trials was the murdering of my people.
    Why did it happen? It's was because wiccan is not compatible with Christianity and failed to convert us. So you label us as "evil" and tried to kill us off.... For making herbal tea... As a wiccan we don't see anything bad or "evil" in witchcraft. No evil spirits here.

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