My mother took my accessibility bus card and now i can't do my business.


I don't live with my mother, I live in a supported living home, and have my own support worker. I am spending the next few days at her house until Monday next week as I was there for Christmas and New year's.

Today I had some important business I needed to get done and couldn't do it because she took my accessibility bus card that gets me around for free. Yes, I do have a disability but the fact she doesn't is what makes her a shitty person.

I have told her already that unless you have proof of a disability, you can not use my card just to be entitled to free transport. Let me make a disclaimer, we are not white. We are Polynesian. Poc.

I do not want my card to get revoked just because of her behaviour, I need that card myself so that I can get to places easily. The last card she took from me was a standard bus card, those who don't have disabilities although I still needed it so I can go places and tried to tell her but she tried defying it and in the end I gave in.

She took so many things from me. At this point I'm considering leaving early and going back To my house which is basically in the same city, because right now I can't handle this shit.

Christmas wasn't as good either. She lives with my little sister and they hardly ever have food in the cupboard because the left overs they have are being sent to my father who lives in his own apartment.

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  • You need to get your card back, or report it as stolen and get a new one (and feel free to report who stole it).

    Then, I suggest that you avoid contact with her except for very occasional situations.

    She's not acting as a mother, and certainly not your friend.

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  • Stealing from a disabled person is so damn weak holy shit

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  • Maybe steal it back from her.

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  • Literally just take it back and tell her to stop taking your shit. You're an adult, she has no authority over you.

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  • Try to find your bus card, and steal it back from her then go no contact on her thieving ass. Report your card as lost, or stolen if you can't find it, and steal it back.

    Why did you mention that ya'll are Polynesian, and not white? What is the difference with regard to the situation at hand? Why does your dad live in a separate apartment, and why are they sendinghim leftovers if he's separated from yo momma?

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  • That sucks.

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