My mom is crazy

I cant believe that the love of my life turned out to have a crush on me and now hes my boyfriend .

I asked my mom if i could invite him to dinner and it happened .

That day he came i went downstairs after my mom opened the door to greet him but i was wearing a relatively short skirt then my mom went crazy and started shouting then she pushed me hard back upstairs to change .I went back down after that and didnt find him.

Then i checked my phone and found out that he texted me saying that my mom crazy and she scares him ( i dont blame him)

So i called him to explain , he said he loves me but cant be around my mom at all and then he broke up with me

Is this normal to break up with someone because of their mom ? This happened 2 months ago and i still cry and cant get over it because it wasnt my fault

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  • Thats what mums do. They do it cos they care even if it comes out wrong. How crap is it to send a text to say that? I think you can do better.

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  • He sounds rather spineless, like a little bitch-boy.

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  • It happens but he needs to toughen up and persevere. 1 side of your mom shouldn't scare him if you mean that much to him

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  • He isn't worth it then, if he's a good guy and was really serious about you, your mom wont be a deal breaker.. dont worry there are a ton of guys out there and im guessin your still pretty young.. it hurts now but it will pass and you'll get over it and move on. You should probably have a calm heart to heart talk with your mom too on how her behaviour isnt cool and that she shouldn't freak out like that and talk to you calmly and privately next time if she has a problem with you. Hope she's the type that listens. Good luck.

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