My man wants me to get on top but.

He now has informed me he wants me to get on top and ride him out. I’m super self conscious, worried I won’t do the right thing, worried I won’t be able to make him get off and worried I may hurt him. Pointers??? I am also worried about knowing what to do. HELP!!!

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  • And from my experience you can not hurt the cock by riding on top.
    It's actually one of my favorite positions, just because it feels great, and you get a great view of those boobies bouncing in front of you. :-)

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  • For one thing it's a position that helps give the max amount of penis he has and two it doesn't usually take much to pleasure us men.As far as hurting him anythings possible but not common personally I enjoy a girl on top.

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  • My wife used to like it until she started to have knee problems.

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  • I’m the same way. I hate being on top. But I do what the man wants. Ask him while you’re up there what he wants. He’ll probably like calling the shots too.

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  • Just do it. Sit on that cock and you will feel what to do.

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  • When you ride him, you can get some control and possibly orgasm better

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  • You'll do fine.

    Basically, men are very visual, so just seeing you in another position outside the norm will get him super aroused; and he gets to watch you service him, which is a turn on as well. From there, just fight through the awkwardness and try to have fun with it.

    Personally, I hate being on top.

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  • My wife enjoys being 'on top' because, she tells me, that it gives her greater penetration.
    My wife guides me in then either straddles me in the upright position or lays forward on top of me. I can then do my alternative thrusting motions to hers. We do this quite naturally and without any problems but most of all, we both really enjoy ourselves.
    I think, as already been said, just relax and enjoy it.

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  • Get on and enjoy it! You’ll know what to do!

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  • Being self-conscious is understandable, but I think you're worrying too much. If he likes how you look at other times, why would he not like how you look when you're sitting astride him?

    As for the motion required, I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you're used to moving along with him when you're in missionary position, it won't be that different. Since he knows you don't have any experience with the position, if he has any sense he'll do what he can to help you out.

    It's always been my favourite position, not least because I'm 6'4", and most of the women I've had sexual relationships with have been significantly shorter. I like to see my partner's face when we're having sex, and that's difficult and a little awkward if she's under me in in the missionary position. I also like it because the position allows women to adjust the tilt of their pelvis enough for them to stroke their clitoris on my pubic bone. All of the women I've been with have been able to reach orgasm this way, and I also always enjoy watching a woman manually stimulate her clitoris while I'm inside her.

    You say you're afraid of hurting him, and this isn't a ridiculous concern. It is possible to literally break a penis by bending it so much that the internal structures that fill with blood in an erection are ruptured. Repairing this requires urgent surgery, and the results don't always return the penis to the same state it was in before the accident. It's also possible that the damage will be so severe that the guy will never again be able to get an erection.

    Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are the most risky positions for this. If the woman is bouncing up and down very rapidly on the full length of the penis and she comes down just slightly wrong, it's possible for her to come down with her full weight bending the penis and trapping it between her body and the guy's.

    The way to avoid this is simple: avoid the vigorous bouncing up and down seen in porn, and stick to doing a twerking motion. If your guy suggests the bouncing because he want to emulate what he's seen pros doing, tell him what I've said about the possibility of him ending up with a permanently kinked dick or a dick that will never again get hard.

    Finally, maybe he will be able to get off in this position, and maybe he won't, but there's no law requiring you to use only one position during a session of PIV sex.

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  • Worried you wont get him off?
    So, you could just ride his hard hard cock like a kentucky derby rider.
    He'd just stay hard.
    Yes, actually you COULD hurt him.
    its rare but if you come down hard and your timing is off.
    hes slipped out and you slam down.
    damage can occur.
    But, its rare.
    I find it suspicious you havent gone cowgirl yet, reverse, etc.
    I did that before I knew what it was called.
    Unless youre fat.
    just straddle him guide it in yourself, and ride.
    Check porn if you need any other pointers.

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