My laptop won't let me play games anymore

So I've never done anything dodgy on my laptop, I use up-to-date antivirus software, I regularly tune it up/optimise it to make sure it isn't clogged up with cookies and other trash, and I'm all-round a good computer user. However, as of yesterday I'm no longer able to play games which I've been playing on it for a few years.

Is it normal for my laptop to suddenly stop like this? My laptop is out of warranty and probably a good 6-7 years old by now.

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  • nigga get yo ass outside.

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  • Your graphic card or drivers may be out of date.

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  • put up task manager and see whats boggin it down

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  • Laptops and phones are ridiculous. They need to be replaced every 4-5 years since technology is always changing.

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  • You need an analysis of your computer and its software.

    Quite likely you have it bogged down with excessive and unneeded software. Also, quite likely there are updates and upgrades available.

    I've solved most of the above two problems by 1st backing up my data, making a list of programs installed, and finding the original software disks or cards with the original owner codes on them; and then wiping the computer hard-drive, resetting the BIOS as neccessary, and reloading the software (updating it), installing the antivirus program, then just the other programs I need or want (and often leaving a number of other programs uninstalled). Updating all the drivers to the latest available for the computer.

    Most laptop computers can have additional RAM added to them (a lot cheaper than getting a new computer). I've done that to a number of computers (laptops and desktops) over the years. Added ram and reloading the software (per above) often makes the computer run better than new - and allows me to run the kind of programs I want to run in a adequately fast manner.

    You might be able to change a graphic card or some other things. That normally takes a real computer geek to do successfully as drivers typically need to be updated and often manual editing certain startup and control programs and settings (and you need to actually know how to properly edit those programs and settings).

    Of course, certain modern programs just require a newer larger faster computer.

    I wish you the best with this,

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  • Your computer has limitations. An 8 year old laptop probably is limited to 16gb ram on the high end. 16gb it's the minimum for most games now a days. My Lenovo laptop can handle indie games on minimum graphic levels which is fine cause I couldn't give a shit for graphics.

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  • Games nowadays are quite demanding and requires you have a pretty good graphics card and those games don't even run as good on laptops as on stationary computers to begin with especially if it's a somewhat cheap laptop. Either find some low spec games to play or save up for a new one.

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  • Depends on the operating system and your specs on that laptop.

    Most laptops have different capabilities.

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  • Many modern games wont run on older laptops. Buy a new one.

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