My korean wife is too delicate, i fantasize about dirty white girls

I have been married to her two years and the thing that's starting to get on my nerves is she won't do anything outdoors, no hiking, camping, rafting, etc. Not even a stroll on the beach. She thinks it's all too dirty for her and she doesn't like the sun in her face. I dream about being with a dirty white girl who hasn't taken a shower in a week and doesn't care, doesn't brush her teeth and eats expired food... there are so many of them.

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  • So you are telling us that you want a rabid mountain woman? That's raunchy, dude. I think you are probably just a bored troll who is trying out a new spiel, but just in case this vile business is in earnest I you should have found out whether your delicate flower was the outdoors type before you put the ring on her finger.

    It pays to take your time!

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    • I also worry he forgot about all the diseases and infections that come with those hygiene habits...

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  • Well the su. I can see, paleness is attractive in Korea, the rest is just being a troll so im out

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  • Remembering that I don’t know where you are, or even if you are Korean; I am neither Korean, or in Korea, so I am wondering what kind of silliness I will venture into.
    I think you are thinking through stereo-types but first:
    by dirty, do you mean as not bothered about dirt, or do you mean as in slutty; either way your question veers into 'fantasy';
    I hope that you have not you let this 'fantasy' slip whilst you are talking to your wife, such as "a white woman would do that”. You are not only falling in the inherently troubling path of comparing her to an idealized image of a ‘white woman’ which no-one can live up to, including white women, but also what you desire are the worst aspects of the stereo typical white woman, which she may use as a defensive identity. That woman may have blond hair, but I have my Korean dignity.
    There is a logical approach which involves breaking down into an examination of stereo-types, of course its based upon racial stereo types with no, or little validity, but the phrasing of your question suggest that this would not sit well with you or your wife.
    There is also the rhetorical move, which is the art of persuasion, and regardless of what you mean by dirty, especially within the conflictions in racialized feminist, if you follow through in discussing this with her following the boundaries of the question, you could, bearing in mind I have not met either of you, find that this will be taken as insulting or demeaning, because if that is the case then you will be apologizing for a very long time.
    However, there are many women, white or not, who would respond in the exactly the same way as you wife, with regard to camping, walking on the beach, dirt: the effects of aging on the skin from sunlight; dislike of being expected to do everything that’s done at home, but its much harder, in some asinine place, and you say that is what you want, but is it? Halitosis, bad teeth, skin like tanned leather, with the smell of a wild animal.
    Why not suggest engaging in normally outside activities in doors, but remembering if it involves water, and many women, regardless of race dislike their hair and want to change it in some way, which water never helps, escape when washing and that's a nightmare. In general, there may find different ways of persuasion that do not involve living up to this image.
    I don’t really know what will work, or if anything will persuade, only perhaps what to avoid. There parts of the world, such as the USA where there are board walks, where you can walk along the beach without being on the sand; It is possible to avoid the hottest part of the day “Only mad dogs and English men go put in the midday sun’ as Noel Coward stated. Perhaps, your wife will be happier if other Korean women are involved. It is traditional, everywhere, for women and men to have mothers; and it is unfortunate and perhaps it should not happen, but for many women it does, and it would not be surprising for your wife to be a place of hell between her mother and your mother, and it is also possible that you pretend that you do not notice, but what ever you do you might have to consider their views, even if it is just to provide your wife cover to be able to do different things. Even if it is a simple agreement between the two of you about what you will and not relate to your parents and about what you are doing. I think that this is a surprisingly universal problem.
    You might want to suggest activities in areas where you wife feels able to exercise some level of control, but the decision to carry out these activities has, to feel like, and indeed be a shared decision. You might also want to consider if you like camping. Do you carry out these activities with friends, perhaps you should, and shower before you get home, and perhaps even get your clothes cleaned, you don’t want to bring dirt home. There is always the fear that you love rock climbing, carrying out a rhetorical act of brilliance, discovering you hate heights but guess what, it’s the only thing your wife wants to do, from now to the end of time.
    The more your attempt to force someone into being what they cannot be, or that which for reasons, that you may or may not feel are valid; the more likely they are to dig their heels in, because as much as you may believe that she is wrong for not considering these activities, she knows with the same certainty that you know, that she is right.
    You might have to face the possibility that you may never persuade her; Its okay to love her for what she is, not for what she cannot, or refuses to be; Unless you are prepared to lose more than you can ever win.

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  • To a certain extent I get your point but I don’t blame your wife, typically in asian countries in it is tradition and expected to be a very respectful woman, keep clean and pale skin is also desired. I can understand where you are coming from but I honestly wouldn’t be suprised with this kind of reaction from a korean woman.

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  • Asian girls over white any day. There are some dirty Asian girls as well as you described...

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