My internet is bad at playing live streams?

It always buffers but it handles on-demand videos perfectly with no issues?

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  • If you're using Twitch, it's just because Twitch has a terrible video player compared to YouTube.

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  • I assume it has something to do with your bandwidth

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  • What is your base internet service.

    Dial up service is the most limited.

    Satilite service tends to be limiting.

    DSL ranges from somewhat better than dial up to pretty good depending on the condition of the wires. Even with the really good wires you likely cannot run (transmit) a Zoom broadcast from your home with it. My phone company rewired the town about 5 years ago and I have the fastest DSL available as I have really good wires; but, that was not fast enough for Zoom.

    Fortunately, when the phone company ran new wires to my house they ran a 2 pair cable. So I could double my DSL.

    Now I have a double DSL service to get twice the download and upload speed - and its fast enough to do a Zoom broadcast.

    Cable is certainly fast enough, as are some direct transmit services to a local node (fairly pricey, but some businesses use them as they need the capacity and speed).

    The ultimate is fiber optic if you happen to live in an area wired with fiber optic.

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  • Live-streams usually need better/faster Wi-Fi to run smoothly. On-demand is already preladed/recorded.

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