My identity never works

It's never going to work, it was never accepted but I'm trying to force people to accept it.

I have a right to an identity, and I'm embarrassed of the wars I have to fight to be accepted like everybody else, also I want to receive no put downs like everybody else, and by the way my writing's not incoherent, it's normal, and should be treated as if someone else wrote it, there's no difference, you can't tell the difference, you only think you can tell the difference.

Incoherent means unclear and impossible to understand, I'm not incoherent, it's easy to understand and doesn't need to be any clearer, it's not perfect and that's OK, the problem with anti-perfectionism is that nobody cares, since they put perfection on a pedestal, well I can tell you I'm anti-perfection so the doctor can kiss my arse!

The medical industry likes it and thinks I'm good to keep a regular pace, never changing, the problem is irregular people don't understand this, and they insist that normal people try something different, no they don't, people don't have the balls to be so normal as to not even have progress, change, or adjustment, it's a war with an identity I have to have otherwise I wouldn't be me.

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