My horrible last experience with weed

I smoked weed for a long time I've gotten to the point where there is no limit I could just smoke as much as I wanted without something terrifying like this happen I'm fucked up to this day still because of . I sit in a crowd full of people and I notice they all feel normal but I don't feel like them I feel like I'm a little outta touch with reality and I used to feel normal like them I'm different since last time I smoked it ,they say weed can make people develop psychosis over some period of time if smoked by the developing brain whatever amount of THC or whatever the fuck was in it pushed me over the edge it really fried some brain cells THC does that to developing brains I'm pretty sure I have psychosis because of the overdose of TCH. I know this sounds crazy like you can't over dose on weed well developing brains can ,when I got the weed it was pretty much shake and full of crystals it smelt like nuts kush to us but as soon as i smoked it i could taste something wasn't right ,I had this really bad chemical taste in my mouth and the pasties right away after one hit ,my dumb ass friend told me it was all normal so we finished the whole gram BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MY LIFE after that my toung went numb, I went deaf ,it felt like there was candle wax in my ears ,it felt like my throat was closing up i was short of breath ,I could hear my heart beating so loud that it was pretty much all I could here ,everything else was almost silent everything had a purple tinge to it I WAS FORGETTING TO BREATH AND THAT'S WHEN I STARTED HALLUCINATING I wasn't seeing objects and things so I don't think the weed had hallucinagetics in it , I was seeing things move like I was on acid so at that point I was having a pretty good time after I gained mostly all my touch with reality again like I was breathing properly and I wasn't numb and all my feelings came back but I was brain dead just trippin off of, it still to this day I still hallucinate on my own no drugs needed it litterally scares me sometimes cause I get to the point where I trip out and I'm not in reality anymore I'm in a different world for next minute or 2 it's so sad because I know I'll never be the same again once you go over the edge there's no coming back you'll probably feel that way forever and now you have to deal with your fucked up self it's scary shit ,you can look at everyone and tell they feel normal but I just know when people look at me she's kinda fucked up not just from her past with drugs just with everything I've been through, that psychologically messes people up to and you can see it in their face ,the way they think and look toward things but tbh I'm smarter now then I ever was I actually like feeling this way, it makes you feel special in your own way it's like my thoughts are so powerful it made me have those kinda insights that make people go somewhere in life you know dreams and when your dreams are as crazy as you are they just might come true I might have a little bit of brain damage but I've been through some things and I'm wise , the brain damage plus the wiseness actually made me more intelligent I think non stop not about all bad things but all kinds of things good and bad you give me topic I can talk with you for days about it I connect and understand people now more than I ever did it amazes me it's like I'm a genius with relating to people I never ever loved helping people out really but now I can't even stand to see anyone left out or upset .I have no clue what you call all this it might be psychosis or it might be that I'm just crazy and fucked up but whatever happened to me really changed my mindset and If I could go back in time i wouldn't change a thing I love myself now more than I did before all that happened ,I'm have a doctor appointment I'm going to and I'm going to tell her about my hallucinations and what not but I'm also gonna show her how I think because I really don't need those hallucinations getting in the way of my thinking but if someone could just comment back and let me know if this experience happend to anyone else thatd be awesome i love talking about things with people I mean I just shared part of who I am right here thanks guys can't wait to know what the hell happened to me

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