My friends say i eat like a pregnant woman

Since middle school, i've been coming up with and craving food combinations that are seen as unconventional and at times disgusting by many of my peers. My ideas range from relatively tame combinations like banana muffins + hashbrowns and pizza + spaghetti, to things my friends label as “disgusting” like mashing up chocolate into macaroni and cheese and pouring nacho cheese onto my waffles. It should also be noted i’ve tried some of it, like melting some cheese on top of a glazed donut (and it was fucking delicious).

Do any of you have these cravings? And before you ask, no, I am not pregnant.

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  • I think this is normal. Some people just have different taste buds then others

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  • Also long as you keep tabs on your weight.

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  • Hey, as long as you don't eat yourself to death.

    I would suggest some exercise if you eat food with high sugar and fat content though.
    Just so you don't end up with long term side effects.

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  • Seems normal, for Americans anyway.

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