My friends complain about the color of my socks

My socks don't usually match my outfits and they complain about it. They say it's embarrassing​ to be seen with me and that everything should match. Funny thing is no strangers have complained about my socks and I can pick up dates with women and men pretty easily. I won't change for them. Are their paranoid delusions normal?

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  • My socks never match , who has time for that shit? Your friends are being rude , tell them that if they really care about out they will deal with the thugs they don't like about you too

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  • They come under the category in society that likes to fit in. It's normal. It is also normal to not care about what other people think and do what you want to do. I always wear brightly coloured odd socks and I'm not going to change. EVER. Doesn't stop my brother from being embarrassed by me though.

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