My friend gets pissy when i chill with other people

Today I was at work for my very first day back (I work at a resort) and my friend was working a different attraction. The person I was training asked if she could join me and my other mutual friend Jenna for lunch. So the 3 of us are having lunch and where were sitting inside my friend could see the 3 of us sitting together so she texts me "I see you" me being in a positive mood I say "hey hey" then she immediately gets negative af and says "with your new BFF Jenna eh" I tell her to quit with the bs and she doesnt reply back until after my shift, she tells me "your ex texted me"... now she knows my alcoholic and psychotic ex is completely out of my life, she knows I want nothing to do with him and I especially dont want to hear that hes texting my best friend. I know this isnt really normal to begin with but I just wanted some advice on how I should approach this. P.s this is the 2nd time this has happened in less than 2 weeks 🙄

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  • That's not your friend.

    Sometimes there's people in life that attach themselves to you for self serving reasons, and sometimes you'll find yourself doing the same, a symbiosis of sorts, but as life goes on you'll sort your real friends from those who aren't & it will be a bit of a painful process.

    Hint- real friends want you to experience life & be happy, even at yheir expense.

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  • She sounds too needy, and borderline toxic.

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  • Tell her your sick of her shit and find a new friend. That kind of person is toxic and not worth it.

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  • Your friend sounds way too needy

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  • I hate to say this...but my suggestion is that you cut her out completely. She's not a friend, she's there to use you. Toxic. Find a new friend.

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  • nope nope nope, get rid of her while you still can!

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