My friend acts differently when we aren't alone

When I am talking to my friend she is usually talkative and happy. But when we talk with other friends we have in common she is a lot more quiet.
Maybe she is uncomfortable talking to more than one person for too long? I don't really know.

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  • I'm like this. I speak differently to my long time, trusted friends that ones I trust less.

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  • She might be a bit of an introvert and prefer time spent one on one vs time spent in a group.

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  • I can be this way, especially in a group of people I don't know well. I think part of it is that usually a well acquainted (with each other, but not with me) group will have a sort of conversation "flow" that is hard to chime into without interrupting (you know how everyone talks back to back without any space in between, so you don't get a chance to talk? I don't want to be rude and interrupt, so I patiently wait my turn, and if it never comes, it just never comes). However, I'm definitely more confident around people I know well, and find them easier to talk to. I'm a more quiet and reserved person who takes awhile to get to know people, though I do try to be friendly and engage in conversation, and learn more about others.

    When it comes to a group of people I do know, however, I tend to engage, but I'll also try to wait my turn to speak and not interrupt. I used to be a "don't speak unless spoken to" type of person and have had a hard time breaking that habit, as it has caused people to assume I'm unfriendly.

    Perhaps your friend has a similar reason, or is just more comfortable talking one on one.

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  • Normal. Shes probably not good with crowds.

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  • Shes shy

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