My first night sleep on earth after it moved


In my last post I spoke about how the Earth has moved and everything has gone into darkness.

Last night was my first night in "The Dark Earth" (that's what people are calling it).

It was difficult to sleep. Mostly because of the realization that my entire planet has transported some where else but also because I kept hearing creepy sounds.

Spine tingling screams, gravelly moaning, and low growling all happened last night.

But what's worse is I went downstairs and my entire family were gone. In their place was a group of slug like creatures.

They had no eyes or legs. At first I suspected that the slugs were my family but after I snuck around and killed the slugs I found my family's dead bodies inside.

These creatures weren't my family but they had eaten them.

I soon realized that all those sounds I was hearing last night weren't coming from outside but rather in my own home.

I'm crying at the moment and have been the whole time I've been typing this post.

I'm hesitant to go outside but maybe it would be best if I did. Please let me know what I should do in the comments as I'm desperate for some guidance.

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