My female massage therapist REALLY got into massaging my (female) butt

I'm a girl and have been going to the same Asian female massage therapist for over 3 years. Lately the massages have been getting "friendlier", slower (sometimes I request this), more sensual, and closer and closer to privates. She's never touched my breasts or vagina, or uncovered them.

However, she has pulled my panties pretty far down when I'm face down, exposing most of my butt. She'll then massage my butt in a soft, sensual way, making sure to get as close as possible to inner thighs and butt crack, without actually touching these areas.

I'm kind of embarrassed, because I've actually orgasmed twice - once a few months ago, once today. I think (hope) the orgasms were discreet enough for her not to notice, but who knows?

I know that the two times it's gotten that hot and heavy she has been pretty insistent on continuing even after our time is up and throwing in "extra time".

Sometimes I'll sneak a peek at her and her eyes are closed as she is massaging me. Both of us breathe pretty heavy throughout the whole thing.

However, when we're done she's pretty businesslike and normal, and it's like nothing happened. She doesn't act even a little flustered. This then leaves me feeling like I made the whole thing up and maybe it was a normal massage.

What do y'all think?

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  • I just got a boner.

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  • No! but she might jus be really good at her job/ a complete lesbian

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  • Good value for the money...THREE THUMBS UP!

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  • Awww sh*t, babe, you made me so hard right now...

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  • Just get nude next time. I think everything is normal. Even if she is getting aroused too it is normal, and trust me, you are not the only client she has that is having that reaction. Perfectly normal.

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  • I do that to my boyfriend all the time.

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  • As for the lesbian version of a happy ending. AKA a muff diving.

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  • Okay, so I should have phrased my question differently:

    Is it normal for her to massage my butt in this way, with my panties down, her breathing heavy and touching me verrry softly? Is this a normal massage?

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