My eating, drinking & smoking and sabbath days are simple

I drink cider, wine (mostly wine), whiskey, rum and gin, no longer than 1 hour, never getting drunk, I drink coffee and tea, smoke tobacco/sniff tobacco-based snuff, and am wanting to chew tobacco, I eat butter or cheese on a coarse, dark bread for breakfast, or porridge for breakfast, I don't eat lunch, I have dinner but in the early afternoon, and I have supper, for supper and soon I'll try it I have dinner leftovers, that's the Puritan eating habits, so I just have up to three meals a day and I don't snack, I have biscuits, yeast cakes, apple pie or gingerbread for dessert, and I eat plum jam on the same bread for breakfast, it's simple.

As a matter of fact it's a simplicity reduced to the minimal food necessary to get through the day: breakfast, dinner, dessert, and supper, mostly a healthy diet, and also eating pickled vegetables and smoked foods, these snacks are the exception, the smoked foods I have is smoked tuna on the coarse, dark bread (I use dark rye bread), and as a personal choice of my own, I eat pickled onions or giardinera (mixed vegetable pickle), and snacks like these are appropriate, not potato chips, flavoured crackers, and chocolate bars!

When I act on the Sabbath day it's not a complicated, unintelligible rule I made up, it's simple: I don't ride or travel on those days, I avoid some of the day's activities there and the Sabbath day's Saturday and Sunday from sunset to sunset, simple! It's unpretentious. Is that normal?

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